2023 Summer Internship

At ElementX, we believe that it's important to provide opportunities for young talent to learn, grow, and make a meaningful impact in this field. Our summer internships offer an immersive, hands-on experience for our interns, allowing them to work on real-world projects and gain valuable industry experience. We've designed the program so that students can build skills in their areas of interest while also getting their hands dirty with some of the latest AI advancements and cutting-edge technologies, as well as receive mentorship and feedback from experienced professionals, and make significant contributions to the company.

Our Interns

Meet Fuki, an engineering student specialising in software engineering. When he's not coding, Fuki enjoys staying active by bouldering and hitting the gym. He also has a passion for music, being a big fan of the guitar and hopes to pick it up again in the future. Fuki is trying to master the art of latte-making with his Breville coffee machine, but he admits that the results are sometimes less than perfect. If Fuki could be any animal, he'd choose to be a duck for their versatility - they can fly, walk, and swim! Fuki also appreciates their blue feathers and their ability to have fun in life, even in a simple duck pond.

Raining is a computer systems engineering student with a passion for travelling and scuba diving. When she's not in the water, she can often be found tinkering with robots or exploring the latest developments in machine learning. In the future, Raining hopes to pursue a career as a researcher or engineer in robotics or machine learning, or possibly even combine her technical skills with her desire to make a positive impact by working as a missionary. If Raining could be any animal, she would choose to be a dolphin, admiring their intelligence, playfulness, and their ability to thrive in the water.

This summer, our interns had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, ranging from natural language processing to generative models. Each project offered a unique challenge and allowed our interns to gain hands-on experience and develop new and existing skills. 

Attribute Extraction for Retail

The interns first worked on an attribute extraction tool for retail sites. This powerful solution enables retailers to extract key attributes from free-text product descriptions using question and answering models and natural language processing, making products easily searchable on their website and allowing customers to filter by relevant specifications. This makes products easily searchable on their website, allowing customers to filter products by relevant specifications such as RAM, memory, and screen size. Read more on the Attribute Extraction project here.

Chatbot Conversational Testing Tool

Fuki and Raining also worked on the Chatbot Conversational Testing Tool project.This solution is designed to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of chatbots by simulating human language and interactions. It streamlines the testing process and stands out from other chatbot testing methods because it is capable of mimicking human language. The Chatbot Conversational Testing Tool  is capable of answering questions posed by a person in plain English, while also using the same kind of grammar, tone, and word choice that humans would use when responding to the same question. It also has advanced AI capabilities that allow it to interact with real-world situations like humans do: asking follow-up questions and providing context for answers.

3D Models

In addition to the Chatbot Conversational Testing Tool project, the interns also worked on a project investigating generative AI using the latest and greatest tools such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. The goal of this project was to set up a 3D generative model that can turn text into a 3D project and generate new 3D assets for games. They were setting up models from research papers and experimenting with 3D modeling techniques. This project aimed to push the boundaries of what is possible with AI in 3D modeling and asset generation for the gaming industry.

Their experience

Through their work with us, Fuki and Raining have been honing a variety of skills, including how to receive and process feedback and how to give feedback to others through code reviews. Raining said that she loved ‘being exposed to a different working culture where I know I’m being cared for’, and ‘has high management expectations for my next role’. She loved that ‘ElementX emphasizes a healthy work environment and encourages taking breaks, as the workday is forecasted for six hours instead of eight. This allows for a good balance between work and rest, without anyone micromanaging us’.

Fuki said that ‘the balance between research and implementation is also a major plus, as we’re able to see both aspects in our work’. He also said that he was ‘excited to be working on different types of projects and using the most current technologies’, as well as that ‘the small scale of the company allows us to get to know our colleagues and work together in a close-knit environment’. 

The skills and knowledge gained during their time at ElementX have been instrumental in helping our interns further their careers in their desired fields. Fuki has gone on to become a software engineer at Amazon Japan, while Raining is pursuing a PhD in Robotic Engineering, focusing on the development of underwater robots. 

We truly enjoyed working with Fuki and Raining on these innovative projects - their fresh perspectives, dedication, and hard work has kept us on our toes and pushed us to explore new possibilities. That's why we’re always looking for new talent to join us and take part in our exciting projects. If you’re a university student interested in interning with us in the future, we invite you to send us your information using our contact form. We can't wait to hear from you!