Conversational AI

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Listening to your customer

And understanding their wants or needs is one of the foundations of providing a great customer experience. Sometimes this can be difficult particularly when there are large volumes of enquiries through any of your communication channels.

Conversational AI brings together the latest advancements deep learning and natural language processing to understand and assist your customer with common issues or queries. It can help you rapidly scale your communication channels by freeing up your customer success team to focus on complex issues. These channels include:


Conversational AI powers chatbots and digital humans to assist your customers on your website or social media channels. When it's not something the AI can answer directly, it can help triage the issue to the most appropriate team, reducing the time it takes your customer to get the answer or assistance they want.

Call Centres

Conversational AI can also empower call centres by understanding your customer's query over the phone, and either providing an immediate answer or connecting them with the right department straight away.It can also be leveraged to to empower call centre agents to resolve issues quickly and more effectively by surfacing relevant knowledge base articles in real-time while they're speaking with the customer.

How we can help

Putting together a simple chatbot or digital human is easy, but crafting an effective one that will understand the queries that matter can be incredibly difficult without understanding the capabilities and limitations of natural language understanding. Common user experience issues include:
Not being able to understand questions that have been worded differently
Inability to handle small talk or other off topic questions
Poor experience when the chatbot cannot understand or answer the users query
We've deployed conversational AI into chatbots, digital humans and the contact centre across a wide range of industries. With our experience and expertise, we can help you:
Develop a strategy for leveraging conversational AI in your business
Design intuitive and effective conversations
Implement high performing natural language understanding engine using the latest advancements in AI