Conversation AI Platforms

Which Conversational AI Platform Should I Choose?

"Which conversational AI platform should I choose?"

This is something that we are asked often with those looking into building a chatbot, digital human or conversational AI experience. Sadly, there isn't a one-size fits all solution.

This white paper seeks to provide a  broad review and comparison of the major conversational AI platforms.

It will highlight the strengths, weaknesses, pricing structures and key considerations of each platform.

This includes:

  • Amazon Lex
  • Google Dialogflow ES and Google Dialogflow CX
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • Microsoft Bot Framework / LUIS / Composer

Before you dig into this white paper, check out this blog about how to choose a conversational AI platform.

With our guidance, you can pioneer within your organisation, navigate the various conversational AI platforms available in the market and select the one that best suits your organisations needs and requirements.

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