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Supporting student enquiries at scale

Ensure that students receive instant, accurate responses to a wide range of enquiries at any stage of their academic journey. The assistant is always on, which ensures that students can receive instant responses to their queries, regardless of the time zone or operating hours.

The multilingual capability of the AI chat assistant facilitates effective communication with students from various linguistic backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and accommodating international students.

Improve student experience with real-time results

Whether seeking information about admission requirements, course schedules, campus resources, or graduation procedures, the AI chat assistant provides a consistent and reliable source of guidance.

Its ability to understand and generate contextually relevant information streamlines communication, enhances the overall student experience, and contributes to a more efficient and supportive university environment from the beginning to the end of each student's academic tenure.
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Reduce student support center load

Support international students in any time zone with a complete self-service assistant (with an average containment rate over 90%!) in the language they’re most comfortable speaking.

Alternatively, employ the assistant as a contact centre support solution to improve first-call resolution rates, call handling times, and decrease load around peak times.

How it works

The Enquiry assistant digests your university’s knowledge base - from the website to your own resource databases, in order to provide complete, accurate, and up-to-date information for students. The assistant can accomodate fluctuations in enquiry volumes during peak seasons like enrollment and admissions, reducing the need for seasonal staffing coverage.
Respond to student enquiries, 24/7 in any time zone
Personalized recommendations for logged in students
Easily escalate queries to student support staff when needed