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Contact Centre Automation

Understanding and responding to your customers feedback and queries is integral to great customer experience. Automate your business's contact centre channels with conversational AI to handle large volumes of enquiries, allowing your staff to deal with the trickier issues.

Attribute Automation

Automated attribute extraction allows you to update products with complete information from suppliers with the click of a button, and can be used on any data format - no more manual processing or hard coded rules-based systems.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance software uses data science and predictive analytics to predict when a piece of equipment might fail so that corrective maintenance can be scheduled before the point of failure. The goal is to schedule maintenance at the most convenient and most cost-efficient moment, allowing equipment’s lifespan to be optimised to its fullest.

Process Optimisation/
Operations Research

This is the practice of adjusting a process so that it operates as efficiently and inexpensively as possible while still meeting all criteria. This usually means making changes so that you can minimise cost, maximise throughput, and/or increase efficiency.

Demand Forecasting

Make estimations about future customer demand over a defined period using historical data, so you can plan how much to produce and make sure you can meet demand.

Digital Humans

Digital humans are artificial intelligent beings that can easily connect to any digital brain to share knowledge, as well as interact verbally or non-verbally using tone of voice and facial expressions.

Form Recognition, Digitisation OCR, Document Processing

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can save you time, eliminate tedious tasks, and improve your efficiency when you need to extract text from visual content such as images and documents. OCR can also be used for content moderation and localisation, business process automation, the search and retrieval of images and documents, and the processing of financial and healthcare documents.