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Customizable AI tutor

Provide personalized, on-demand support, helping students grasp complex concepts and reinforcing their understanding of course material. Tailored to individual learning styles and pace, the AI tutor adapts its approach, offering additional explanations, practice problems, and real-time feedback.

This not only fosters a deeper understanding of subject matter but also empowers students to take control of their learning journey.

Learning anywhere, on any schedule

With 24/7 availability, the AI tutor accommodates diverse schedules, providing consistent assistance whenever students need it.

The result is an augmented learning environment that complements traditional instruction, enhances comprehension, and contributes to improved academic performance.

Customized learning outcomes

Lecturers can tailor the AI tutor to align with specific course objectives, adjusting the content and delivery to reinforce key concepts. Through analytics and performance metrics, the AI tutor provides insights into individual and class-wide strengths and weaknesses, enabling instructors to refine their teaching strategies.

Customizable quizzes, assessments, and learning pathways empower lecturers to address specific challenges within the curriculum, ensuring a more targeted and effective educational experience.

How it works

The tutor employs Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to ingest and comprehend course material, seamlessly integrating customizable course objectives provided by lecturers. This combination allows the AI tutor to generate personalized learning pathways, adapting its responses and guidance to align precisely with the specific goals and content of the course, enhancing both the efficiency of information delivery and the effectiveness of student comprehension.
Immediate and accurate course information retrieval
Personalized student assesments and reporting
Improved student comprehension and flexible learning styles