Arcus Lending

'We set an ambitious goal with Rachel. We wanted to launch the mortgage industry’s first digital human, and we were working on an aggressive timeline of about 5-6 weeks. Spark 64 helped us meet this goal and they didn’t just deliver the project on time - they delivered efficiently and to the highest standard of quality. The team was communicative, friendly, and great to collaborate with!' - Shashank Shekhar, CEO & Founder, Arcus Lending

Founded in 2008 by award-winning author and mortgage expert Shashank Shekhar, Arcus Lending is a US-based mortgage lending company that aims to provide the best, customer-tailored mortgages for clients across 19 states. It has become a leading mortgage firm, helping thousands of families secure better financing for their homes. In 2017, it was named on the Inc 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies. The company strongly values the importance of excellent customer service, advice and education surrounding home buying decisions; values which have played a key role in the growth of the company.

The Challenge

Arcus Lending holds quality customer service at the core of what they do. As a fast growing company, Arcus was dealing with an increasing number of customer queries. They needed to find a way to fast-track processing simple queries to serve more customers, allowing their team of representatives to focus on more complex questions and issues

Additionally, customers may have aversions to speaking directly to Customer Service representatives for fear of judgement when revealing private information or for other social/emotional reasons. Arcus needed a solution to address these challenges to best serve their customers and make them as comfortable as possible.

The Solution

Arcus Lending wanted to ensure that their customer service is the best in the mortgage lending industry. As a result, they were determined to become the first firm in the mortgage industry to feature a digital human assistant.

With a digital human, the customer feels more comfortable asking any question without the fear of being judged, and can do so anytime 24/7.

Digital humans must contain the best Natural Language Processing capabilities to ensure clients are understood and serviced correctly without adding frustration. Our team at Spark 64 utilised UneeQ’s state of the art digital human platform alongside Google’s industry leading Natural Language Processing platform, Dialogflow, to provide a quality digital human experience on the Arcus Lending website.

The Outcome

- Arcus Lending’s digital human assistant, Rachel, was successfully integrated into the company’s website - a mortgage industry first!

- Customers have 24/7 access to a mortgage agent, enabling them to learn about Arcus Lending’s mortgage plans and offerings instantly.

- Thanks to Google’s Dialogflow, the chatbot effectively interprets the questions asked by potential clients, requests their email address to send them more information and increase conversion rates, and thanks to the “chit chat” module provides a chatty and quality customer service experience to customers.

- The Digital Human is built in a way which can be easily expanded with additional features in the future as the platform grows.