Product Attribute Automation

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Revolutionise your product listings with Automated Attribute Extraction

Product data your customers need is scattered, inconsistently formatted, and sometimes entirely missing. Automatically extract, parse, and match product data to existing categories on your website, all without the need for manual curation.

Automated Extraction

If your supplier doesn't share product data in the format you require, your team is left with missing information and a huge manual task ahead of them.

Now you can automatically sort and categorise products into the correct categories, saving hours of manual labour and improving consistency in categories. The best part? The system is adaptive, so changing formats are no longer a barrier.

List at the Speed of Light

Loading products - with complete product information - faster means that the information your customers need to make purchasing decisions is right at their fingertips.

Help your customers find the data they need to compare products without leaving your site.

Integrated Efficiency

No matter how powerful the technology, tools that add steps will slow your process down.

Our team is here to add value without adding workload. Our tool integrates with your existing systems seamlessly to streamline product attribute categorisation.

How we can help

Existing alternatives like manual data curation, outsourcing to data labellers, or using simple rules-based systems are slow, and they don't learn over time. AI provides accurate, timely, and customisable product data. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data curation and hello to the power of ElementX.
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Our Projects

The Warehouse: Giftfinder

Helping shoppers find what they're looking for - even when they're not sure what that is.

iSell: Attribute Extraction

Updating product attributes in a catalog of more than 5,000,000 tech products.

The Warehouse: Toys

Adding and automatically populating categories for toys based on age.